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Keychains =D by MugenMusouka
Keychains =D
I made it!
It's not that good. The colors are a bit faded, and it's smaller than I thought.
The joined pieces aren't that good either. But, yeah...

It's not for sale, sorry.
  • Listening to: Let It Go by Sofia Karlberg
  • Reading: Ghost Finders : Forces From Beyond
  • Watching: Cryaotic's Rachet and Clank
  • Drinking: Coconut water

Tagged by TrashcanAlphys 

1. Post ALL the rules!

2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves!

3. Choose 13 peeps and questions

4.Can't say you don't do tags

5.Tag- backs are allowed!

6.You must Do an Journal entry! No questions! Unless it's about the entry!

   8. Be creative! Do not say you're tagged in the title! You can in the description!

Anyways... let's get started <3

My questions:

1. Favourite Undertale character? (if u can't choose then least favourite?)
uh... Gaster, I think. But, I like sans too...
also Frisk
Asriel too
Basically all of the characters are lovable
I love all of them

2.Better at digital or traditional?
I wish I could do traditional. I have this 'deficit' that I can't draw right position. I need to rotate the art so I can draw it.
So, I can't do without digital equipment.

3. NiceCream Guy or Burgerpants?
Burgerpants, duh. That guy's cute.

4. What app/equipments do you use to draw?
Adobe Elements/Wacom Bamboo (it's very very VERY old). I need to buy a new one.

5. Favourite Youtuber/Youtube channel?
Cryaotic. Have you heard his voice? Mmm, it the sound of heaven.

6. What games do you usually play? 
Stupid ones & otome game

7. Favourite season?
Indonesia doesn't have seasons other than sunny and rainy. But, I like autumn, I like yellow, red, ginger color the tree emits. I like how the leaves fall like a drizzling rain. I like how the wind feels cool. Well, that's all in my mind though. I never experience it first hand.

8. Most embarrassing moment?
I fell flat on my butt, on a stairs, with a loud thump. It gave a tremmor on the stairs while my crush walking behind me
He laughed

9. Funniest moment/s of your life?
I have too many

10. Which country do you live in? (it's okay if u don't want to say it)
I've mentioned it. You can see it in my profile as well

11. What do u usually do when ur bored?
Write a story
Draw a picture
Read fanfiction
Walk alone anywhere

12. Favourite genre of TV shows/Films/Anime?
Angst (is it a genre?)

13. Would you smooch a ghost? (Heck yeah! XD)
At the moment? no, I wouldn't
If I find the right moment, and of course if it was possible without taking my life, maybe I would

My Questions :
1. What would you do if the world ends today?
(what a nice way to start a questions tag)
2. There is a fork way in front of you. Left leads you to dystopia world where you are chosen to be the superhero to save the world. Right leads you to fantasy world where you could be a powerful magician and rule that world. Choose only one.
3. Be a dark knight or white knight?
note : Dark Knight means you choose to be the hero behind all events. Your role has a great impact, but no one will know you and even some will see you as menace because your ambiguous role. White Knight means you choose to be the hero where everyone will know your heroic deeds and everyone loves you, but you're bound by the missions and pressured by the expectation people give.
4. Heterochromatic eyes or mood-changing hair?
Each of your eyes have more than one color. Imagine how bright it would be. And your hair, well, basically your hair will change with your mood swings
5. Bang your head or slap someone when pissed? (this is completely random. Not recommended to be practiced)
6. Be a Prince/Princess with foul personality or be a Ogre with a golden heart?
7. Red or Blue? Rain or Sun? Sea or River? Earth or Sky? Soul or Body? Make a random sentence with the combination of those you choose.
8. A chocolate castle or vanilla sea?
9. Okay, I'm gonna end this nonsense questions. If you could have a power, what would that be? Why?

10. Any phobia?
11. Weapon of choice? You could pick anything you want. From the ridiculous one to big ss heavy weapon.
12. Do you prefer happy ending but with tragedy of supporting character to make it happen, or a happy ending where the main protagonist died to make it possible?

13. Would you write me one paragraph story with the answer from 8 to 12? if it's too much, you can skip this one =)

Thank you TrashcanAlphys for the tag
I'm gonna tag you back ^^



Rue Springfield
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Emoticon Story of Castiel

:iconsmallheartplz::iconsamwinchesterplz::icondeanwinchesterplz::iconcastielplz: :iconsmallheartplz:

Castiel : Dean... :poke: Dean.

Castiel : Deaaaaaannnnn :turbopoke: don't ignore me..!


Castiel : :cry: Dean... :cling:

Dean : :blushes: Sorry, Cas

END :giggle:

:iconleftangelwingplz: :iconanimeace-plz-r: :iconanimeace-plz-u: :iconanimeace-plz-e: :iconrightangelwingplz:

:iconleftangelwingplz: :iconanimeace-plz-k: :iconanimeace-plz-o: :iconanimeace-plz-h: :iconanimeace-plz-a: :iconanimeace-plz-r: :iconanimeace-plz-u: :iconrightangelwingplz:

:iconleftangelwingplz: :iconanimeace-plz-k: :iconanimeace-plz-a: :iconanimeace-plz-s: :iconanimeace-plz-u: :iconanimeace-plz-g: :iconanimeace-plz-a: :iconrightangelwingplz:

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Rinitoruu Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
have a watch, woman. you deserve it = )
TrashcanAlphys Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry if Im spamming u, but read this to cheer urself up :3
(Scroll down A LOT)

trust me this will put a smile on your face

Every night , someone thinks about you 💭before

they go to sleep,😴

At least fifteen people in this

world love 

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There are at least two people in this world 👭that

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When you make the biggest mistake 

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Send this to all your 
friends & me if I'm     one......If you get 4⃣ back u r liked but if u get 7 ur lovely. (NO GROUP CHATS) besides 4 me ;3; . ChatHaunted, Today 7:02 AM\artic mangle, Today 1:11 PM 
P.S. I don't really get the last part, I just copied it from someone :3
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
also have you seen the episode from Supernatural called School Special?
MugenMusouka Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uh, is it about musical SUPERNATURAL where Chuck appeared?
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
actually its about the ghost possessing kids at a school where Sam and Dean went to called Truman High like in the episodes kids are attacking other kids and they said they were possessed so Sam and Dean look into it they hear someone died in the school a boy named Barry Cook who Sam remember was a very close friend of his who got pick on alot and they asume its his ghost helping kids being bullied because they learn the kids who got attack were bulling the kids who attack them and after they burn Barry bones and think they have solved it but later Sam gets attack buy another kid who says Die Sam and after he poor salt on the kid and this dark cloud fly out of the child and fly's down the hall Sam and Dean learn it is not Barry but this boy named Dirk who pick on Sam and Barry they learn killed himself  before he graduated and they learn from his own father who was the bus driver that Dirk had a rough childhood and that his father had a piece of his hair on the school bus he drove which is how he is possesing the kids because they take that school bus Sam and Dean burn the bag of Dirk hair and send Dirk away for good.

remember that episode. 
MugenMusouka Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, dirk the jerk episode??
yeah, i remember that
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TrashcanAlphys Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your artworks are so amazing and cute >.<
Keep up with the amazing work XD
MugenMusouka Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much
Thanks for watching too °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
TrashcanAlphys Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch in return XDDD
Thank you so so much >w<
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016
here is a idea for something you could draw.

could you draw J.M Barrie the author of Peter Pan sitting on bench in the park trying to find inspiration and guess who he meets or see fly in the air above him but Jack Frost himself Jack either takes a walk in that same park or fly over Mr Barrie and Mr Barrie can see Jack because he believes in fairy tails and either one that inspires Mr Barrie to write Peter Pan which is the point of the drawing.

so could you draw Mr Barrie in in the park or Mr Barrie seeing Jack fly right over him in the park and the name of the drawing could be What if Jack Inspired Peter Pan. 
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